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How InXpress is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

With InXpress, working mums can master their own future

23rd April 2020

Statistics show women are more likely to be working from home at the moment. Rather than dreading returning to the office, InXpress offers you an opportunity to start your own business and work from home… or when the lockdown lifts, from anywhere. 

According to, more women than men have been working from home during the UK lockdown and this is likely to be similar across the globe. This may be a direct correlation with schools having been closed and at least one parent staying home to home-school their children, paralleled with the number of offices who quickly had to enable staff to work from home. 

Traditionally speaking, working mums tend to be the ones juggling family commitments. So, having this opportunity to work from home, especially for women who have been trying to change the way they work for a while, is allowing women to thrive. For some, the idea of having to return to the old normal – the commute, the late nights back, missing time with family – isn’t a cheery thought. If this is you, we’re here to say you don’t have to!

If you have access to a laptop and a phone and are excited about creating a new version of what it means to be a working mum, then with InXpress, you’re good to go! InXpress is a fully IT-enabled business model, which you can literally set-up and run from anywhere, at any time. By offering our excellent service, and discounted distribution, you will soon become customers’ trusted outsourced shipping department. So, working from home, or anywhere you want, can become your new normal. 

Here are a few of the personal benefits you can experience, when you choose to run your own InXpress business from home. 

  1. Flexibility

Some women crave having the flexibility to spend time with family, network with other like-minded individuals, and still be a successful and profitable businessowner. Working from home enables you to still do the school run, without compromising your business ownership responsibilities. As the owner of your own InXpress business, you choose when to schedule meetings and customer calls to suit your personal responsibilities and priorities.

  1. Mental health and wellbeing

One of the most searched terms during weeks three and four of the lockdown in the UK, where we have 95 franchiees, revolved around mental wellbeing whilst working from home. With your InXpress business you can choose how you want to run it, ensuring you have the right support around you. Make sales calls in the garden, as you top-up on vitamin D. Feel confident about how you’re growing your business, with the InXpress online university. Speak to someone else in the network and pick their brain about a challenge you’ve encountered: it’s your business, but you’re not alone. 

  1. No commute

The daily commute can often take up a large percentage of your mornings and evenings. By now, you’ve experienced the joy of not having to contend with rush hour traffic! Working from home eliminates the commute, giving you the gift of time. For some InXpress owners, this has meant spending more time with their family, for others it’s allowed them to invest in personal goals, like travelling, modelling (yes, really!) or buying their dream home/car. For most, it means giving back to others in need, locally or around the world. 

  1. Money saving

Balancing family life can be expensive at the best of times, without budgeting for office lunches, fuel expenses and childcare costs. Working from home means you are more likely to eat what you already have at home, take care of the children yourself, and reduce the amount of driving/using public transport. As an InXpress business owner, meeting new customers will be offset by the amount of work you can do with them, online. 

  1. Increased sense of feeling in control

When working for someone, you tend to be at their beck-and-call. They set your work hours and tasks to focus on. Being your own boss changes all this, giving you a sense of being in control of your own destiny. With InXpress, we have expert trainers to help you lay a strong foundation, Business Coaches to guide you, and your own mentor to support you to success. Not only will you feel more in control – you will be fully in control of your day-to-day operation and business success.

If you are a woman looking for the perfect working from home opportunity, click here to complete your details and someone from InXpress can arrange a time to call you. Join a network of people working towards a more balanced future. survey 8,000 people and analyse 45M social posts every week, in 8 countries. From this, they create a weekly insight report.