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Still looking for the right opportunity? Look no further!

22nd April 2022

When wanting to start your own business, you might feel a bit hesitant: There are no certainties in running a business. However, with the support of a franchise behind you, the uncertainty is outweighed by the network’s successes, giving you insight into what you can achieve.

At InXpress, we believe you can create the business you want, by combining your determination, experience and hard work with our franchise model, training and support. Even without experience in the shipping and logistics industry.

However, you may be wondering:

  • Is logistics the right sector for me to launch a business?

  • Is now a good time to start a new business?

From our perspective, the answer to both those questions has to be a resounding yes!

Despite all the uncertainty, there really has never been a better time to step out into business ownership. Here are three reasons why InXpress could be right for you:

1.There’s never been more demand

The way people do business has changed. Although consumers had been slowly moving toward online shopping, the pandemic gave it a major push. Even those who’d never sold online needed to quickly pivot, if they wanted to keep their customers.

eCommerce is set to make up to 36.3% of the total retail sales in 2022; a growth of 324% over ten years. During 2021, a staggering two billion people made online purchases. eCommerce, and home delivery are rapidly becoming the norm.

As a result, the courier and logistics sector is seeing the biggest boom in history, with more than 14 million parcels being delivered every day. At InXpress, we see a parcel being sent every 4 seconds through our network!

And this is just the beginning. According to specialist analysis group, Mintel, the sector is predicted to grow by another 92% by 2024.

As the market grows, and deliveries become more prevalent, both businesses and their customers expect more. So, the future belongs to firms who provide fast, reliable, and friendly services, with exceptional efficiency. Something InXpress has been doing for over 22 years.

2. You don’t have to go it alone

Choosing to join a franchise gives you a number of advantages over starting out on your own. According to the British Franchise Association, franchise owners are more likely to still be trading after five years. This is because although you’re in business for yourself, you’re not left working things out by yourself.

InXpress offers you a business model perfected over years of experience. We’ve identified what our customers need most, and developed our model to ensure we meet these needs: from easier booking-in systems, to troubleshooting problems before customers are aware there’s a problem.

To help, we’ve created a training programme designed to give you the confidence to start your new enterprise. Learn about every aspect of building a business, to the specifics of growing an InXpress business – not just for when you start, but throughout your franchise journey.

Our global network of 440+ franchisees, operating in 14 countries, makes InXpress one of the top performing shipping and logistics franchises in the world. When you join InXpress, you’ll connect with others within the network: learn from them how to build your business.

We also find our new franchisees benefit when partnered with a mentor from within the network. This is in addition to the Business Coach assigned to you. In other words, you’ll have everything you need, so you can grow a profitable business for your own future.

3. A fully tech-enabled business opportunity

As an eCommerce business, you’d expect the booking of shipments to also be online. Which is why we consider our innovative technology to be one of our greatest successes.

Our revolutionary webship+ software makes it easier for you and your customers to connect.  They can source the best rates for their shipments, and book in the consignments  quickly and easily, with one of the UK’s best-known and trusted shipping partners.

You can then monitor deliveries, in real time, making sure your customers keep their promises to theirs. As a CRM system, webship+ makes it easy for you to see how well your business is performing, at any time, from anywhere. By streamlining your admin, free-up time to focus on growing your business.

Ready to start?
Everything about the InXpress franchise is designed to help you succeed in a fast-moving, dynamic and, above all, profitable industry. Don’t miss out – contact us today!