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Sustainability – why it matters to us!

5th June 2023

When you think of a sustainable business, the shipping industry probably won’t immediately spring to mind. But it may surprise you to learn many in this sector have been on a mission for a number of years, to reduce our carbon footprint. So, this World Environment Day, discover what InXpress, and our partners, are doing to improve sustainability.

This is because we know it matters to our customers, as much as it matters to us. Paul Paquette, InXpress Canada’s President, says he’s seeing an important shift, “The one thing I’ve noticed over the last 12 months, as I’ve been guest-lecturing in colleges, is the younger generation’s primary focus is on sustainability. They’ll buy based on a company’s mindset, if it aligns with theirs.”

As a sustainable business, we partner with carriers who share our concern for the environment, and are making strategic changes for long-term future value. The Government also work with industries like ours, discussing how to improve environmental impacts; InXpress UK’s Country Manager, Jon White, is often invited to those conversations.

Reducing environmental impact
It might seem like a huge undertaking for us to positively impact the environment, as a shipping franchise, but it’s not something we’re prepared to shy away from. As Paul says, “We all have a responsibility to leave a better future for the next generation. As a father, I’m aware what we do today, impacts our children’s tomorrows.”

The measures we’ve been taking, for a number of years, include empowering our global network to become a paperless operation. As a tech-based company, everything we do is online: from paperless business cards customers can scan, to processing and monitoring customers’ shipments. Some of our franchisees have invested in things like water coolers for their staff, to reduce single-use plastics, or using refurbished office equipment rather than buying new.

But, it’s bigger for us
As a company who supports the import and export of our customers’ good around the world, we’re more aware than most of the wider implications of our sector. Which is why we’re keen to partner with carriers who align with our vision, and are working to reduce our carbon footprint.

There are measures many of our carrier partners are making, such as investing in electric vehicles for parcel collection & delivery and developing bio-fuels which are better for the environment. The world’s largest shipping company, Maersk, have vowed – by 2050 – to send goods with absolutely zero carbon emissions, and one partner, using all-electric shipping containers.

Alfredo OtoyaCIO of DHL Canada – one of our partner carriers – says, “To counter our carbon footprint, it’s essential to invest in making change possible. We’re aware our biggest culprit comes from jet fuel. So, we’re developing a more sustainable bio-fuel alternative, which emits 80% less carbon. Customers sign-up to this alternative, so we can make investment where it’s needed. They then receive credit at the end of the year, based on what they’ve sent, which is offset against carbon emissions.”

So, when you’re part of InXpress – as a franchise owner, or as a customer – you’re part of the answer being developed for sustainable shipping solutions, with a company who actually cares about its environmental impact. 

Take a listen
We’ve released a special Ideas Xchange by InXpress podcast for World Environment Day. Listen to the conversation host, Paul Castleberry, has with Paul and Alfredo about what InXpress and DHL are doing to create a more sustainable future.