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Our franchise, our women, our future

21st September 2021

When you invest in a franchise – especially as a woman – you want to be sure you’re making the right decision for you and your future. When a vision is born, a huge amount of work goes into making it a reality. So, how do you know a brand like InXpress will have your back?

Because, here at InXpress, we believe behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women who have her back. Which is why we have just enjoyed our very first InXpress International Women’s Conference. As a global brand, operating in 14 countries, our network is filled with successful female leaders, thriving in their businesses, or their role.

To be able to take a day to network with other InXpress women from around the world – whether at Head Office, a franchise owner, or working in one of our 430 franchised businesses, was invaluable. And over 170 women from across the network agreed; signing-up for the opportunity to self-reflect in a safe space, and feel empowered by solid advice from women who are also thriving.

Guest speakers included:

  • Jan Uhrich - a Fortune 50 company Senior Executive who serves on the Global InXpress Board;

  • Lucille McCart - the APAC Communications Director at Bumble, the dating and networking app;

  • Anna Hemmings MBE - Olympian and world champion;

  • And our keynote speaker from the Katie Piper Foundation, Lin Woolmington - who’d survived two episodes of severe clinical depression which led to life-changing consequences.

Here’s a brief taste, of what each speaker had to say

  • Jan Uhrich Developing your leadership style
    As women in a male-dominated arena, it’s important you have a strong female network around you. Then, play to your strengths, and hire to your weaknesses! Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses enables you to build a high performing team.

  • Lucille McCart Level your playing field
    Women tend to hold back more. We want to be sure of the outcome, before we make a move. So, by creating a culture of empowerment, we enable women to make the first move, and encourage them to share their dreams and future aspirations.

  • Anna Hemmings MBE The resilient leader’s toolkit
    Resilience comes from greater self-awareness. Pause to explore how you’re framing a situation. Then reframe it, if necessary. Rather than seeing challenge as overwhelming, break it down so you can see the light of opportunity. Don’t allow fear, anxiety, or the problem itself trip you up.

  • Lin Woolmington Triumph over tragedy
    I have the strength to face the past with honesty. I have the wisdom to live in the present with appreciation. I have the courage to face the future no matter what. How lucky am I, I have my own philosophy!

The afternoon (for the UK, though some attendees were watching in the middle of the night!) also included a chance to applaud some of the women in the global network, at our first ever, InXpress GREAT Awards. The silver and gold winners, were nominated by their peers within the network, which led to an unexpected need to create an additional category, based on the number of nominations our final winner had received.

CATEGORY                                         GOLD WINNER

Gives Back                                           Zee Shan (UK)

Results Driven                                      Wendy Hand (Aus)

Energetic Fun                                       Samantha Webb (UK)

All-in                                                      Christina Runolfson Wardrop (USA)

Targeted Improvement                         Anita S (India)

Overall global GREAT winner               Zoe Kirby (UK)

The InXpress women’s conference was a clear demonstration of how the empowered woman is powerful beyond measure. This goes for every single women working and doing her thing right across the InXpress global network: we wouldn’t be where we are today without you, so we applaud all of you!