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Modern Slavery Statement


InXpress provides shipping, consulting, customer service, logistics, and other business services using third-party international, airfreight, express truck, and other transportation services through a panel of well-known and established domestic and international carrier companies.

InXpress expressly prohibits human exploitation in any form within its organisation and actively works with its partners to support their efforts in eradicating unacceptable practices.

This statement is to clarify InXpress’s position, together with the expectations of any employee or business partner who may discover or suspect any behaviour contrary to our stated aims.

InXpress’s commitment

We are committed collectively and individually to taking all steps necessary to ensure that InXpress does not participate either directly or indirectly, in any of the illegal modern-day slavery activities defined in international standards and adopted by the United Nations.

InXpress’s recruitment and people management processes have been designed to ensure that all employees are selected fairly and have the legal right to work in the countries within which they are employed. We believe that these same processes help safeguard potential and current employees from any forms of abuse, coercion, or mistreatment.

We do not and will not enter into any agreement with companies or organisations that knowingly support or are subsequently found to be involved in any type of illegal activities (e.g. slavery, servitude, forced labour, etc).

Organisation structure and supply chains

InXpress is built on a franchise model operating in 14 countries across the globe. Our shipment transactions are facilitated through our carrier partners, most of which are highly recognised and respected international companies, with their own rigorous anti-slavery safeguards in place. We are therefore confident that our business partners’ values and standards of ethical trading align with ours.

The agreements with our carrier partners are arranged at a country, regional, or global level. In addition, some local arrangements are made with road transportation companies. We expect the same level of vigilance and due diligence from each partner, that they also expect from us, in connection with anti-slavery and any type of human exploitation.

Continual assessment & awareness

If any individual and/or business partner associated with InXpress is found to be involved directly and/or knowingly with any form of slavery, forced servitude, forced labour to exploit children or other persons, we will take immediate and decisive action. InXpress may terminate the employment and/or business relationship of the individual and/or business based on the findings of an internal investigation. All findings will be turned over to the proper legal authorities, as required by law.

We encourage all employees, franchisees, and business partners to be vigilant and highlight any instance or suspicion of human exploitation of any type. Any such notifications should be sent to the InXpress Legal & Compliance team, by email to confidential@inxpress.com. Notifiers can be assured that all emails to this address will be handled in the strictest confidence, without fear of retaliation or reprisal.

InXpress collectively, including all employees and franchisees, undertakes to remain educated and fully apprised of the illegal practices relating to human exploitation and continually strives to maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethical behaviour with all business interactions and communications; the position outlined within this statement is no different.

Statement date 26th October 2022